JNI SobradinhoNazarene Youth International is the ministry that interacts and hosts young people and teenagers, leading them to fellowship and entertainment.
Among NYI Sobradinho activities, are:

  • evangelism projects and cinema projects, such as “Cine Naza”
  • services in which we deeply seek God's presence through praise and worship
  • impactful camps every year
  • outdoors activities, like gathering in parks with bikes, skates and rollers

Under the direction of President Junior da Fé, Vice-President Leonardo Pinheiro, Secretary Kelita Araújo and Treasurer Cristiane Santos, we are conquering Sobradinho for Jesus Christ!

NYI also counts with Pastor Eder Lamar (Worship Minister), Jessé Peixoto (Music director) and Chaiane Santos (Theater director).

We have 3 guests and no members online