For sure, this ministry is the most delicious one in our church!  It started some 8 years ago, under the leadership of sister Valdineia and team (Edna, Darilene, Antônia, etc).  It has attracted many famillies to our church, and some have become members.
Our traditional monthly "feijoada", considered to be the Brazilian national dish, is prepared with selected parts of pork meat (!), and black beans, always with a lot of hygiene and care!  This dish originated centuries ago in imperial Brazil, and was created by slaves who served their Portuguese lords.  These in turn, would only leave to the slaves the "less noble" parts of the pork, but they fell in love with the aroma and taste of the "feijoada", becoming eager consumers! 
This dish is served with white rice, coleslaw, "farofa" (made with manioc flower), and sliced oranges (to help digestion!).  Some people add pepper which makes the dish hotter than usual!  The "Feijoada" is popular with nationals and tourists alike.  This dish is something which Pr Paul Phillips really missed, when living in the U.K.!!!

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