he married couples encounter aims to offer a special moment for renewal between husband and wife. It occurs on an annual basis, at a weekend with about 30 couples. We choose a touristic small town near Brasilia, like Pirenopolis and Caldas Novas, and “farm-hotels”.
There's a theme for each encoTunter and the programme includes moments of rest and fun activities and romantic ones.

During this short but powerful period of time, invited ministers conduct services and dynamic lectures on the couples' and families' relationships e spiritual development.


In the rest of the year, the Married Couples Ministry promotes complementary encounters, some of them extensive to engaged couples and couples with the serious intention of getting married in a near future.

The Married Couples Ministry is driven by Fernanda and Aldo, Marina and Roberto, with special collaboration of Rosa and Elison – a dear couple from another evangelical church.

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