• Our churches radio programme has the aim of broadcasting the Word of God to the community of the city of Sobradinho and surroundings through the radio station: “Alternativa Popular” 98.1 FM.  The inhabitants of other cities, states and countries, can also follow our radio programme live, through the internet, every Saturday afternoon, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, accessing the programme directly from our site, once registered.  This programme has been broadcasted for one year and three months, blessing the communities, with the Word of God, preached by Pr Paul Phillips, interviews, good gospel music, raffle of gifts, and general information of public interest (cultural, linguistic, etc).

  • Members of the radio programme team:

Rev. Paul Phillips  - Pra. Delse Phillips -  Pedro Paulo

Ulisses Luz  - Vanessa Rodrigues  - Luiz Vale  - Cláudio Régis -  DJ Juan Production

We have one guest and no members online